Operational Consulting

Operations Management is important to how your business functions over an extended period of time. Our operations consulting team works to understand your unique needs and then suggest improvements in strategy, structure, and process. Our goal is operational excellence through:

  • Analysis of current structure and flow of operations to identify areas of improvement in organizational structure, systems implementation, process management, and strategic planning
  • Guidance to achieve performance optimization in aforementioned areas of need
  • Executive advisory to assist transition from “wearing many hats” to being an efficient CEO with increased productivity

Business systems are essential for day to day management of your company. Instead of being bogged down by repetitive daily activities, we assist business owners in implementing automated solutions to streamline their daily workflow. We leverage new technology to simplify the amount of tasks our clients have on a daily basis.

  • Assist in achieving operational excellence through the development and execution of processes, policies, and procedures.
  • Collection of best practices and documentation of policies and procedures

Business Systems:

CRM Set-up and Integration Inventory Tracking
Lead Generation
Project Management
Order Fulfillment
Lead Management
Customer Service
Shipping Management
Opportunity Tracking
Human Resources
Sales Systems
Records Retention