Identity Theft: What It Really Is and What You Can Do About It


We all hear a lot about identity theft in the media—usually the latest data breach at a large organization, company or—really scary!—government agency. Want to know how bad the problem is? Just set up a Google alert with the two words and the daily stream will quickly make you want to stop reading.  The sad truth is that identity theft is not going to be stopped by government or company, and no one can do anything to completely prevent becoming a victim. Reversing true identity theft typically takes hundreds of hours and with sometimes serious legal consequences. Ask anyone who has been victimized beyond just a false credit card charge.

Despite these dire realities, there are three things anyone can do to greatly reduce the odds of becoming a victim of life-altering identity theft:

First, understand that identity theft is NOT credit fraud. All our financial institutions and credit issuers have tools in place to stop and reverse credit fraud. Real identity theft is when someone uses your private data to do something—usually bad—while making it look like YOU did it. Private data includes SSN’s, drivers licenses, names and addresses, tax returns, medical information—yes, including medical insurance!—and passports just to name a few. If it’s personal to you, someone looking to do bad things wants it. Second, do research to find the best tools and services. Compare them beyond credit repair and monitoring. Find out what they will do for you if you are a victim in the areas of your private data. Ask, “what will you do for me and how much will I need to do myself?”  BEFORE you sign up and start paying service or monitoring fees. To help you get started, watch this Fox News interview with an independent identity theft expert:

Third, follow the expert’s advice and checkout the Identity Theft monitoring and restoration services offered by Kroll Advisory Solutions through LegalShield, called IDShield. Do your research and see how it compares to other identity theft services in the marketplace. In full disclosure, I am writing this as someone who has taken all three of these steps and now I market IDShield because I believe it is the best protection—proactive and reactive—anyone in North America can have. You owe it to yourself and those you care about to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Steve Remmel

Senior Consultant, Remmel Solutions and click on “IDShield Plans-Learn More”


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