Habits & Productivity

There’s no doubt that productivity is one of the main variables that determines whether or not you reach your goals.

I have already written a blog on How to Hack & Level Up Your Productivity where I talk about 3 really important factors in the productivity equation.

And of course there are other substantial factors that will play a major part of your productivity level:

·         Implementing systems for efficiency and streamlining

·         Delegating tasks that someone else can do for $10-50/hr, which leads to….

·         You working mainly on what you love to do

·         Calendar & Time Management

·         Etc…

Yet all of these come down to really just one thing….changing your habits.

Habits either make or break us when we have visions and goals to achieve. And habits take practice, and may even feel like a chore at first, in order for them to be habits.

So what I did was create a Productivity Tips & Tricks cheat sheet and used it 2 different ways to hack up my productivity through habits.  And all of these tips are not solely based on work related tasks.

The most ignored element of our productivity in the work place, is self care.  And I am so guilty of letting this slip, which is one of the main reasons I created this productivity cheat sheet for myself. I used it 2 different ways to help me practice getting into good habits for myself and my business. And now I want to share all of this with you. Being a Solopreneur, sometimes you need all the help you can get to keep moving forward, especially when things get harder for one reason or another. Life happens and will interrupt your routine.

Just click here to get the Productivity Tips & Tricks cheat sheet for free. No obligations. Just my continued efforts in being a resource for you and your business.

If you ever have any questions, please click here and send me a message.

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