Cheers to the Best You Ever in 2020!

First things first….Happy New Year! To you and all your loved ones.

I applaud you for continuing your journey as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner.  Even though you may have made mistakes in 2019, or previous years, I want you to believe and know that 2020 will be your most successful year.

Let’s go over a few things to get your year started off right.


If you didn’t get to this by the end of 2019, who cares! Take out a journal, notebook, or whatever stationary you prefer, carve out a few minutes, and do this for yourself now.

What do you do during your reflection session? Easy peasy….

First, start out by writing out 5-10 things that went super well this past year. Write them out. Acknowledge them. And praise yourself for them!  It doesn’t matter how small or big the achievement is, it’s just allowing you to recognize all the little achievements, and steps you’ve taken in a positive direction. It could even be the lessons you learned when you lost a client. Acknowledge how badass you are. Acknowledge how much you’ve grown, how much you have now, and know that you are blessed. Acknowledge how awesome it is you get to be you in this entrepreneurial journey.

Next write about at least 5 mistakes that you made this past year. We’ve all made them, again, who cares! There is absolutely no shame in them. Write out why they were mistakes, how they impacted you on your journey, and what you’ve learned from them in order to not do them again.  Remember, you cannot change the mistakes you made, but you can accept them, own them and move on from them.


Whether it’s a bucket list or a vision board, you need to have some goals laid out for next year. I suggest it’s best to have some sort of visual for them, whether written out or graphics, and it should be posted somewhere you can easily glance at them daily.

If you have an overall big picture of what you want this year, it’ll be easier to define the steps needed to earn the income and live the lifestyle you envision. It doesn’t matter if it seems farfetched and daunting. If you dream them and follow steps toward them, you will manifest them.

Super important! When you define these goals and visions, make sure you include self care. Whether you’re single and unattached or a mompreneur with a whole family depending on you, life is hectic! You cannot achieve the rest of your goals, if you are not making yourself a priority and are rundown instead. You are awesome, love yourself mama.


You can and will manifest all those dreams, but, know you do have to take steps toward them. For each goal you defined, write out 3-5 steps you need to take them. And then plan them out in that calendar of yours.

Get active in that personal care. Get active in creating that positive mindset. Work on eliminating blocks you have such as in your confidence or in making the money you desire. Never stop learning. Network, network, and then network some more. Lastly, make sure you have systems in place for streamlining and efficiency to ensure things go smoothly as you manifest your dreams.


All of this will help you be the best YOU these next 12 months.  If you need help strategizing and putting together a success plan for yourself, let me know here and we’ll get you there together!

Wising you the BEST year as we start a new decade…..Cheers to 2020!


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