Christelle Fernandez

Founder of iVirtual Business Services.


You’ve dreamt. You’ve planned. And the business you’ve always wanted has finally launched. You might have just launched yesterday with no clients yet, or maybe you’ve been in business for 3, 4, 5 years and have a decent roster of clients.

You understand the direction of your business and where you want to get. But you find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of processes it takes to run a business. No business owner can ignore administrative and marketing tasks.

Whether you’re just getting started and don’t know what resources to use or what processes should be put in place, or your business is in a growing phase and you need some internal restructuring to streamline responsibilities…I’m here to help you.

Starting a business is easy. Running it efficiently to ensure your Success is much harder.  So let’s Work Smart and Do More…together!

I’m Christelle Fernandez, founder of iVirtual Business Services.

And I’m someone who loves operations and processes, and getting things going for new businesses. There’s so much to do in the first stage of a business, as well as throughout every new growth stage, from the part of your business you’re actually really great at, to the many different ways to market, sales, follow ups, trying to collect money, project management and more. But whether it’s through consultations or actual hands-on projects for you, I can help give you ideas, get organized, lay it all out and streamline for you.


I’m a proud graduate from the University of Miami with a degree in Accounting. Much of my experience was gleaned from years spent working in global corporations in the financial and real estate industries. And I have too many years of operational, managerial, and executive administrative experience. I always excelled at finding better ways of managing my projects, finding myself resourceful, creating systems for my departments, and streamlining processes.

Yet like many others, I found myself tired of the corporate ladder that felt more like a mouse wheel. I knew there was so much more that I could do in the business world. Something that would feel fulfilling, would allow some balance in my life, and where I could see the impact I made in the lives of business owners.

Then in 2013 my baby girl came along and I knew I would not leave my miracle baby in someone else’s hands for a job I wasn’t even happy with. This was my moment.


I’ve always dreamed of supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners, that’s where my heart has always been, and iVirtual Business Services is the embodiment of that passion. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the unique challenges that business owners face when they look to grow and expand their business operations. My experience and mindset helps provide individualized solutions for my clients, no matter what industry.


iVirtual Business Services is built on the foundation of assisting solopreneurs and small business owners in meeting productivity and growth benchmarks through a series of operational solutions.

I help my clients organize and define policies and procedures in order to keep them organized and on track to meet their goals. In accordance with the Pareto Principle, solopreneurs and small business owners can have a variety of tasks that can distract them from directing their productivity towards the 20% of tasks that have the most influence on your bottom line. And most importantly, work on the part of their business they love most.

At, iVirtual Business Services, I work with clients to make sure they manage their business, instead of letting their business manage them.

My focus begins and ends with my clients. I’m invested in your success and our personal consultation sessions are integral to showing you how much I care about increasing your productivity and your ability to achieve your goals.

If you feel you could use some help in getting your business streamlined to ensure growth and achieve the success and life you dream of, get started by signing up with a FREE Discovery Session.

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What Clients Say...

Read what my clients have to say about working with me!

"Christelle is a consummate professional. Her operational understanding is well supported with her approach to implementing cost efficient business processes to help small business grow. She never loses sight of the big picture yet her attention to detail make working with her exemplary."

N. Kazdan

"Operating a small business can be one of the most challenging undertakings, but it can be equally rewarding when you have the help needed to achieve your goals and get results. iVirtual Business Services has provided reliable and consistent project management for my company. I now have the flexibility of procuring intangible services that fit into my budget without long-term commitments. iVBS has assisted me in a variety of areas from streamlining internal processes to developing email marketing campaigns. Obtaining such a resource has proven to be one of the best decisions I've made."

M. Turner

"Thank you Christelle! Where do I start? What you have provided us in the short few weeks we have worked together has already transformed the basic structure of our business and our business systems. Your ability to answer virtually any question with an action moving us forward is superior to any consultation I have personally received in 40+ years of small business and small business startup activities. We all here at Original 420 Brand Inc look forward to a long and profitable relationship with you."

W. Atteberry

"Christelle helped me surpass my goal of $1M in revenue in under a year, after I had been in business for 8 years and never came close. She established systems for me, researched and implemented our contractor platform, and helped me double my team. I don’t know where I’d be now without her dedication and commitment to me and my company."

J. Mayo