Online Business Management

An Online Business Manager is a great way to relieve some stress. Having an Online Business Manager on your team has the same benefits of having a Virtual Assistant, plus taking care of the more strategic “behind the scenes” work. Like an on-site Office Manager, with many companies going virtual, an OBM can help manage your day to day activities, including project management, implement new Business Systems, and even manage your Virtual Team.

CRM or Customer Relations Management software is critical to making sure a lead never slips through the cracks. Our goal is to make sure business owners have every opportunity to convert a lead into a customer. We assist in onboarding the set-up process, provide tips and best practices for CRM management, and organize your leads so they are ready for your marketing and sales campaigns.

  • Identify easy to use CRM cloud based solutions and integrate it with your current customer management process
  • Create automated workflow so CRM entries are easily created and organized for your review at a later time.
  • Assist with organization of CRM prospects into specific groups so business owners are aware which leads are hot, warm and cold.
  • Provide training to you and your team, and even record them for future reference.

Project Management is essential to making sure your teams are accountable for their responsibilities. It allows for collaboration of dispersed teams within one centralized hub of information and communications. We believe Project Management is essential to making your business lean and resourceful.

  • Recommendations on appropriate Project Management solutions that provide value for your teams.
  • Monitoring of individual project timelines to ensure:
    • Project stays within the timelines
    • Task members are accountable for their respective responsibilities
    • Internal communication flows correctly without any bottle necks
    • Tracking of budget to identify areas of need

Events are a great way for business owners to garner interest in a particular company, service, or product. It also allows for face to face interaction with current clients, supporters, and leads. People do business with other people and people are more inclined to do business with people who they like. Events are a great way to supplement your online marketing and sales campaigns.

  • Coordination of event marketing throughout different stages of planning, from beginning to end.
  • Identification of venues, catering companies, event marketing materials, registration links, landing pages for lead conversion, and posting of event notices across different web mediums.

Every business needs to know how money is generated and spent at the micro and macro level. It is critical that our clients understand the importance of bookkeeping, even though it may be the less ‘glamorous’ part of business ownership. We’ll consult with you on areas of improvement and provide custom solutions to ensure less time is spent on your accounting and more time is spent on revenue generating activities.

  • Assist in streamlining and simplifying bookkeeping procedures
    • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
    • Bank Reconciliation Services
  • Set-up of Payroll services, tax systems, and worker compensation policies

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