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iVirtual Business Services

is your Operational and Administrative Growth Support Solution.

Operational Consulting

Operations can make or break your business. Consult with iVBS to see how you can improve your procedures and increase productivity

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Online Business Management

As entrepreneurs move their business systems online, it is critical that everything works. An iVirtual Business Services manager can assist you in identifying and implementing web solutions so you can control all facets of your business from your laptop.

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Online Web Presence

Your web profiles are significant to establishing your company’s digital identity. An iVirtual Business Services manager can design and write copy for your web profiles across your website and your social media profiles.

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Executive Admin Support

As an executive, your time is more valuable than ever. Instead of being distracted by day-to-day tasks, consult with an iVBS admin support representative to organize and delegate your tasks by priority.

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Each Client has different needs, strengths & weaknesses, is in a different industry and growth pattern. To ensure your needs are met, we customize all of Service Packages.

A dedicated iVBS Account Manager can assist you with the following sample of tasks:

CRM Implementation

A Customer Relationship Management solution is necessary to ensure that no potential sale or client slips through the cracks. Our consultants will implement a CRM solution and establish a system that will automate how you collect, track, and leverage your customer information.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing can make or break your business. Our email marketing specialists will set up, plan, and execute a cost effective email strategy that will create engagement and direct attention to your brand, your product, or your service.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is customer service 2.0. How you present yourself on social media can determine the strength of your brand. Don't brush it off as unimportant. Your competition certainly won't.

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Monthly Newsletter

Monthly email newsletters are an effective way of marketing your brand to your customers. Let your fans know of promotions, sales, and events that are important to your company!

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Branding your business and services is not always easy! With that said let me show you how we can make it easy on you.

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Accounting & Budgets

Need to stretch your budget? Looking to find out ways to reduce your business operational cost. Start by getting your Balance Sheet in Check! Call Us.

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Calendar Management

The high demand of your time needs to be top priority. Allow us to simplify your time management process. With a simple call we will tell you just how we can make time work for you.

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Web Design

Our design team is standing by to build the perfect website on your budget.

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