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Christelle Fernandez

is the Founder and CEO of iVirtual Business Services.


Christelle Fernandez

She is a proud graduate from the University of Miami with a degree in Accounting. Christelle has over 15 years of operational, managerial, and executive administrative experience. Much of her experience was gleaned from years spent in the financial and real estate industry.


Christelle has always dreamed of supporting entrepreneurs and iVirtual Business Services is the embodiment of that passion. As an entrepreneur, Christelle understands the unique challenges that business owners face when they look to expand their business operations. She is equipped with the necessary experience and mindset to provide individualized solutions for her clients, no matter what industry.


Christelle is located in the Bay Area and loves to visit Sonoma and Napa with her downtime. She places the utmost importance on two things: her family and iVirtual Business Services.

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Why Choose Us

iVirtual Business Services is built on the foundation of assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in meeting productivity and growth benchmarks through our series of operational solutions.

We help our clients organize and define policies and procedures in order to keep them organized and on track to meet their goals. In accordance with the Pareto Principle, entrepreneurs and business owners can have a variety of tasks that can distract them from directing their productivity towards the 20% of tasks that have the most influence on your bottom line. At, iVirtual Business Services, we work with our clients to make sure they manage their business, instead of letting their business manage them.

We like to say that iVirtual Business Services is a client service company that happens to offer Operational Consulting, Online Business Management, Online Web Presence, and Virtual Executive Support services. Our focus begins and ends with our clients.

Our service is unique because we believe that a purely virtual approach to doing business discounts the importance of face to face interaction. iVBS combines face to face consultation with online work in order to stay up-to-date with our clients and their requirements. We are invested in your success and our personal consultation sessions is integral to showing you that we care about increasing your productivity and your ability to achieve your goals.

-Over 20 years of combined operational, administrative, and bookkeeping experience

-Increased efficiency and effectiveness in both individual and teams

-Flexibility, quick turnaround times, and quality

-Hire on as-needed basis, for specific on-going tasks, or ad hoc projects

-Reduced employee overhead: no full time employees or associated costs


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